“Awesome Artists” Sections Updated and Reorganized!

2D Art:  https://rhsart.net/awesome-artists/2d1/

–  Drawing & Illustration:  http://rhsart.net/awesome-artists/2d1/drawings/

–  Painters:  https://rhsart.net/awesome-artists/2d1/painters/

–  Mixed Media:  https://rhsart.net/awesome-artists/2d1/mixed-media/

–  Design, Photography, & Digital Art:  https://rhsart.net/awesome-artists/2d1/design-photography-digital-art/


3D Art:  https://rhsart.net/awesome-artists/3d1/

–  Paper & Wood:  https://rhsart.net/awesome-artists/3d1/paper-wood/

–  Metals:  https://rhsart.net/awesome-artists/3d1/metals/

–  Fibers:  https://rhsart.net/awesome-artists/3d1/fibers/

–  Stones & Earthworks:  https://rhsart.net/awesome-artists/3d1/stones-earthworks/

–  Mixed Media – 3D:  https://rhsart.net/awesome-artists/3d1/mixed-media-3d/


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