Fantasy Artist Draft






*  Counts as Test Grade (100×1) = 100 pts. 

–  Slide Presentation = 50 points (3 parts)

–  Verbal Presentation = 50 points (3 parts)

* Counts as Test Grade (100×3) = 300 pts.

–          Craftsmanship = 90

–          Design = 90

–          Presentation = 90

–          Work Ethic = 30

Slide Presentation must include:

    1. Slide presentation (10-15 slides) submitted either by e-mail to Mr. Nguyen ( or in-class.


  1. Contents of presentation must include these three parts:

a.)  artist biography (influences, life, etc.);

b.)  artist’s philosophy (primarily on their aesthetic – line, color, shape, etc., how they view life, etc.);

c.)  samples of their artworks.


“Your Technique”; how you translated your chosen artist’s style into your own.


Artwork must be an original work; all sources must be from your own (i.e., “no googling to get images”).  No copying from the artist!


“Is it ready to be displayed in a gallery?”
“Does it look professional and polished?”

Work Ethic:

“Did you use your time wisely in class, either working on your presentation or your artwork?”

Verbal Presentation:

Student will be graded on class engagement, peer participation, and comparisons to their artist’s work and their own artwork.

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